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Ben Wynn

Managing Director of WYNERGY Pty Ltd

Powering agribusiness and agrivoltaics through solar solutions! 

WYNERGY is on a mission to solve the land-use conflict between solar farming and agriculture with innovative, best practice solutions. Managing Director Ben Wynn is a Tamworth local, settling in Kingswood in 2014, and has been utilising DPARTMNT as a base of operations for the past two years. 

WYNERGY arose from the recognition of solar farmers neglecting the value of the agricultural function of the land and a drive to enable the two functions to coexist. The company designs and builds solar farms that maximise agricultural yield and solar energy production while coexisting on the same land. Combining renewables with healthy soils and healthy animals is key to the futuristic approach WYNERGY is taking for the climate and environment while helping farms to thrive economically. 

WYNERGY’s most recent project was a $400,000 installation for Farrer High School, delivered with the aid of local manufacturer Apollo Engineering, Walters Fencing, TDKerr Electrical and Phased Electrical. The company is also currently working on capital raising for their  $8mil, 5MW agrivoltaic solar farm located at Werris Creek with Bell Partners Tamworth and PKF New England Northwest. Ben and his team are championing the Northwest region as a transition area for the future, building our regional economy in an effort to combine agriculture with clean energy. 

Ben describes our space at DPARTMNT as a “sensational joint” that is “classy and professional”. He says “the boss fella landlord”, better known as Sam Treloar, provides outstanding service in a space that has great amenities in the perfect location for doing business in Tamworth. DPARTMNT has changed Ben’s perception of coworking spaces and he notes that it is amazing to see how well coworking spaces can function when the right settings are established and invested in by the owner of the space. 

Our meeting rooms are frequently used by Ben and WYNERGY, holding investor updates and board meetings regularly in these spaces. The breakout rooms are also a favourite of Ben’s for when he needs to make private phone calls. 

Since joining DPARTMNT, Ben has noticed an increased efficiency in being able to build his network. The space is full of fantastic fellow professionals who create an enjoyable space to work from. He even uses the services of our resident accountant Andy from Wolftax who is Ben’s “cracking personal accountant”

For those thinking about utilising a coworking space, Ben says “Do it! It’s an amazing option with flexibility and a plethora of spatial options. Talk to Sam the Man and move on in!” 

You can find out more about Ben and WYNERGY’s mission to change the solar farming landscape by visiting their website or jumping on socials.