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New Year, New Work Arrangement

2020 was a big year for coworking, from the businesses that started up, to the ones that had to adapt to being away from their city office.

At DPARTMNT, we are thankful for all our members who chose to remain curious during the long, strange and challenging year that was. The pandemic has forced a worldwide work from home experiment, changing the workplace for the foreseeable future. So what does coworking look like in 2021? 

The decisive power of where and how we work now lies with the employee. While the ultimate decision is that of the employer, our
Generation Flex workers vote with their feet, turning down employment opportunities that don't provide the flexibility they desire. This will be further enhanced by an expected renewed desire to travel, requiring the ability to literally work from anywhere. 

A major benefit of the pandemic for coworking is an unprecedented demand for shared workspaces in regional Australia. Working from home can be beyond distracting, lonely and uninspiring. Coworking spaces offer a supportive community in an inclusive environment, where workers can stay focused, inspired and connected with other humans, enabling them to accomplish great work. 

In addition to the need for connection and collaboration, workers are looking to minimise their commute. This places suburban and rural coworking spaces in optimum position for those looking to take up working in a shared space. It also opens the doors for those looking to escape the city to relocate to a regional area, while continuing their corporate career. 

Though few positives come from a global pandemic, we can still draw positives from a negative situation. The order to stay home has pathed the way for a flexible working arrangement for so many.

Does your curious mind have a desire for flexibility leading you to looking at changing up your working arrangement in 2021? We have the perfect space for you at DPARTMNT!

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