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Leave the distractions at home

Working from home sounded like the dream for many professionals, but the reality of separating home life from work life can be difficult to balance.

For some it’s hard to concentrate on budget figures when you see the broken cupboard that’s been on the to-do list for 6 months. Plus, the dining room table doesn’t quite convey professionalism on the client Zoom call.

For others, working from home one or two days provides productivity-inducing variety. Stretch it to five days and all the good work unravels, you’re craving decent coffee and the driver delivering your online shopping is your bestie.

Coworking spaces enable a differentiation of home and work and allow members to connect face-to-face with a network of business contacts. This human interaction creates a vibrant office environment and can be a huge driver for professional and personal growth.

It’s not just a physical space, coworking with DPARTMNT is a mentality. As a hub for businesses and small teams to operate and enter “work mode”, DPARTMNT members are pursuing their goals regardless of location, and are surrounding themselves with like-minded individuals who can offer support, collaboration and even friendship.

Plus, DPARTMNT’s CBD location makes it easy to duck out between meetings to sort your life-admin, our coffee’s almost as good as the baristas nearby and you can come as often or as little as you like with a range of flexible, casual and permanent options.

So… take off the pandemic-trackies, smarten up and see why coworking with DPARTMNT is the alternative you need.