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Coworking Spaces enabling City Careers in Regional Centres

Regional living? Doesn’t that mean limited career options or long commutes from satellite centres?

It’s been a common misconception for some time – having a relaxed country lifestyle in a regional area and enjoying a rewarding career just aren’t compatible with each other… however, COVID-19 has rocked the boat and the narrative is shifting. Dramatically.

With restrictions on travel and social distancing, hundreds of professionals previously commuting to the city from peri-urban areas, began working from home, as did their inner-suburb counterparts. Companies of all sizes had to invest in technology to connect employees remotely, and quickly. A few months on, and it was apparent that, despite some challenges, working from home didn’t decimate productivity and actually, this new arrangement suited many people a lot better (except for the home-schooling bit, right?)

Now, as restrictions begin to ease and workers return to offices, these long-distance commutes are coming into question. Do you physically need to be in the office every week to work effectively?

Thanks to coworking spaces such as DPARTMNT, regional centres can offer the professional, tech-enabled environment workers need to connect and collaborate with teams across the country. Not to mention a physical and mental separation of work and home.

It’s not just about greater lifestyle choice for individuals, either. Regional employment, made possible through remote working capabilities, provides employers with a larger talent pool from which to identify the right individuals for their organisation.

Consider the next step in your professional life. Does it involve expensive, time-sucking commutes? Or is it working with a team in Sydney and catching your child’s award presentation, all in one day?

DPARTMNT gives you the option to work in a professional environment with like-minded people from a variety of backgrounds, continue pursuing a career you love, and enjoying all the benefits afforded by regional living. Why can’t you have both career and lifestyle with the opportunities presented by coworking and technology?