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Remote Working

It’s become the mainstream all across the globe - work from anywhere. Our work life has changed forever, and arguably, for the better. Remote working has levelled the playing field, and regional areas are reaping all the benefits. 

A long standing challenge faced by regional business is the struggle to find a skilled workforce that is essential to the growth of an organisation. Switching to remote working enables an organisation to engage these skills remotely and creates a larger pool of potential employees. 

Conversely, regionally based professionals often find themselves having to relocate to cities to work in roles they are qualified for at pay grades that can be significantly higher. Population retention in regional areas has forever been a major struggle. Working from home, and the introduction of coworking spaces in regional centres, is enabling decentralisation and having positive impacts on local economies. 

Implementing remote working is not without its challenges for both the business and the individual team members. The process requires a strategy, training, and a high level of support. 

On the 29th of this month, DPARTMNT is hosting Capacity Building Program Information Sessions alongside Pointer Remote. Pointer Remote has created a program for both Individuals and Businesses navigating the remote working environment. 

Businesses are able to focus on how to recruit in a remote working environment, alongside the other challenges that can happen: technology, culture and well being of your teams. Individuals have the opportunity to explore time management, communication styles and personal wellbeing. 

This free information session for individuals and business owners/managers to find out more about Capacity Building Programs has limited numbers and they are entirely obligation free.

If you are in the Tamworth CBD on October 29th at 12.30 and would like to drop in, there will be a live screening happening in our main meeting room.

Come up, join in and level up!