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Generation Flex

As global connectivity soars, generational shifts are beginning to play a more important role in setting behaviour than socioeconomic differences, and with these shifts comes a new vision of who we work with, how we work and where we work. 

We have all heard the terms “Millennials, Boomers and Generation X, Y, Z” but who is calling the shots in corporate workplace strategy? 

The latest Australian Coworking Market Report from has some interesting insights into the culture shift that has been happening, and now accelerating, since the world wide pandemic. 

Flexibility is something we all aspire for, both in home and in work, but what is it that Generation Flex has done? They have encouraged a movement of change in flexible workplaces world wide. 

Across the pond, in Canada, not only have 85 percent of business people have turned down a job that didn't offer flexible working options, over 54% said that having a choice of work location was more important than working for a prestigious company. 

Spin the globe a little and in the UK it has been shown that there has been an employment shift towards “Generation Flex”, as they have been seen to be more loyal to flexible employers. 

Employees experiencing flexibility at any age are both happier and fresher than their office based counterparts, as they aren’t worn out by commuting or by a rigid work pattern – instead they are free to complete work when and where it suits them. The resulting workplace retention is great, but the full productivity  benefits can only be achieved if the employer has the resources needed to “log on and log in” at the time and place of their choosing.

Therefore, to support flexible working conditions and lure the best talent, whilst taking advantage of increased productivity and reduced costs, businesses need to make it as simple as possible for workers to communicate regardless of location.

This is where DPARTMNT comes in. We know that flexibility is a priority for our clients, and we know what employees and businesses need to make that work. Our space is interactive, social and technologically enabled. We provide the environment that employees need to complete good work, 24/7. 

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