News to cultivate

Cultivate, curiosity, culture and community.

Our core values are what set us apart from other coworking spaces, in both regional and metropolitan centres. They are what we believe is important, allowing us to connect with others more effectively.  It is these emotive values that shape DPARTMNT, guiding us to naturally develop good relationships, business and environments. 

So what do our values actually mean?

Cultivate - our purpose is to cultivate a community that attracts and develops progressive, passionate and successful businesses and individuals, who are respectful and constructive contributors. We seek to help and nurture professionals working in our space, enabling and encouraging growth. Our space offers the freedom to explore, experiment and trial, without fear of failure or rejection. Genuine cultivation is the key to supporting you to achieve something extraordinary.

Curiosity - we harbour the curious and provide structural support for regional professionals to make the most of it. DPARTMNT is a space for the inquisitive and explorative, to ask “what if” rather than “why not”. It’s a space for your ambitions, passions and experiences to take shape, encouraging you to remain forever curious. 

Culture - we have a unique culture that allows businesses to explore, grow and excel. DPARTMNT is an environment of shared ideas and social behaviour. We encourage the professionals in our space to leverage each other's skills and knowledge to grow their business - ask the questions, table the problems, and explore the ideas. 

Community - we are not just an office. We are a reason to do good business. The very department store at our foundations was founded on community values. Department stores have origins of being innovative spaces, with collections of ideas and niches - just like the coworking space of today. DPARTMNT is an empathetic space that understands the rise of a new generation who share a common goal - to flourish in business. 

We encourage all businesses, start-ups and established,  to understand our passion and work with us to provide the premier coworking space in regional Australia. If your inquisitive nature has you wanting to know more about joining our community and connecting with our culture to cultivate the best ideas, reach out - we’d love to talk!